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Jan Runkle

Rita Schultze

Marge Rasche

  • Morris L. / Wapakoneta
  • Louise K. / Wapakoneta
  • Joanne S. / Wapakoneta
  • Steve A. / Wapakoneta
  • Joy F. / Wapakoneta
  • Jim D. 
  • Brenda M. / New Bremen
  • Ronnie F. / Wapakoneta
  • Myron E. / Waynesfield
  • Donna R. / Wapakoneta
  • Evelyn S.
  • Louise K.
  • Laura C.
  • Eileen S. 
  • Joanne S. 
  • Marylou M. 
  • Tara D. 
  • Kayla D. 
  • Heather H. 
  • Joanne M.
  • Zach F. 
  • Rachael K. 
  • Bev C. 
  • Ann G.  
  • MARge B.    
  • MARgie Z.    
  • MARCILE M.   
  • EMMA H.  
  • MYRON E.  
  • PATTY B.
  • JAN R.
  • RITA S.
  • MARGE R. 
  • LARRY R. 
  • RANDY & ANN J. 

“I have been to several places in the area and this is by far the best.” – Morris L.

“I really enjoy the hot breakfast every morning.” – Louise K.

“I never knew I would be treated so well.” – Joanne S.

“Everyone at the facility is wonderful. Whenever there were questions regarding mother, the nurses were very approachable.” – Steve A. 

“The facility and staff are just wonderful.” – Joy F. 

“Thank you for accommodating all the family for Mom’s Christmas party yesterday. Mom enjoys The Gardens and it was her idea to have her party there. The Piano Room was ideal for our group — probably 65-70 people.  Thank you for yesterday and for all you do every day.” – Jim D.

“The staff look out for each other and they are here for the residents.” – Brenda M. 

“I love the teamwork between management and the rest of the staff. They are pleasant.” – Ronnie F.

“I like all the staff and residents. Every one is just super.” – Myron E. 

“I like it because it’s right here in my home town.” – Donna R. 

“It is a fine place. If there are any issues, they are resolved quickly.” – Evelyn S. 

“The breakfast is amazing. I always get what I ask for. They let me rest when I want to rest.” – Louise K. 

“The staff and residents feel like family. The aides are very accommodating.” – Laura C. 

“It is great here. There are many activities going on. The programs and entertainers are amazing.” – Eileen S. 

“I’m very happy here. My kids love that I am here and happy.  I fit right in.  The staff aims to please and the Activities Director keeps us very busy.” – Joanne S. 

“I have been employed here for 13 years.  This has become home to me. The staffI work with makes it enjoyable.” – Marylou M.

“I like working at The Gardens because the residents here are all so very sweet.  I love that I get to help take care of each and every one of them.” – Tara D. 

“I really like working at The Gardens because of the amazing residents I get to see every day. No matter what kind of day I’m having, they know how to keep a smile on my face.” – Kayla D.

“All the residents are fun and pleasant.” – Heather H. 

“I like it here. Activities and staff are enjoyable. Breakfast is always good. My kids like that I am here because of the good care I get.” – Joanne M.

“The facility is just beautiful.” – Zach F. 

“Every one is very nice to work with.” – Rachael K. 

“Beautiful place to work.”- Bev C.  

“All staff are friendly.”- Ann G. 

“The nurses and aides give me A1 care. I just love it here.”- Marge B. 

“Wonderful care. Staff are wonderful people. Best place for my Dad.”- Margie Z. 

“Very good place to come to.  I checked out other places and they were not like The Gardens. So much to do at The Gardens. I recommend everyone to come here.”- Marcile M.

“Staff is very nice.”- Emma H. 

“We have a wonderful staff and I appreciate how all are willing to help me.”- Myron E. 

“Mother is doing so much better since she has moved into The Gardens. Her smile is back and we should have done this earlier.”- Michelle P.

“Job is going fine and I love it.”- Jordyn C.

“Very nice facility, beautiful. Very nice staff to work with.” – Nanette P. 


“Wonderful place to live. I have a great room and a beautiful view of the outside. I do not need anything more.” – Patty B.


“Just a quick note of thanks to you all – visited Dad yesterday, and I could notice a big difference in his physical condition – walking was more steady and didn’t complain of stiffness or aches.  And as far as cognitive responses go – he was very quick – feisty – very normal and Todd-like.  His one-month anniversary will be Friday, and I’m pleased with everything.

He has complimented the ‘heavenly hash,’ pork chops, lima beans, lemon pie and mandarin orange slices as being ‘exceptional.’

Thanks again for all your hard work.” – Stephanie J. 



Jan Runkle“This is a wonderful place. They are friendly and have good food. I came here not knowing anyone because I moved here from Kettering to be near my son. I got to know people right away.  Staff and residents were all friendly to me. I love it here. ” – Jan R. 







Rita Schultze“They will help with anything I want. They call me Rita and I love that. Food is good. It is clean and friendly. ” – Rita S.

Marge Rasche“My home away from home. Food healthy and good.” – Marge R.

“I have been interested in The Gardens for a number of years. I knew that at some point my mother, Marjorie, may need to move into an assisted living facility; and The Gardens would be the answer to that need. She suffered a fall in late summer 2015 which convinced the family that Mom could no longer live independently.  We were fortunate to work with Gardens Director Debbie McElroy who enabled my mother to enter The Gardens as resident and elder.  Since entering The Gardens in September of 2015, we have come to believe that this facility was exactly what my mother needed at this stage of her life. The Gardens staff and its facilities and programs meet her every need. My mother is so very contented, feels safe and cared for. She is very happy to be a resident at The Gardens. My family has worked with the staff of The Gardens since she became a resident and we have been very pleased with how her day-to-day needs and requirements are being addressed. Personally, I feel a profound peace of mind that my mother is now in the good hands of The Gardens’ leadership and staff.” – Larry R.

“Our dealings with The Gardens have been very uplifting for our elderly aunt and our family. From the moment we first made contact with Matt Thuman, we instantly knew we made the right choice. The welcoming, informative, compassionate and personal interactions with Matt, Connie and Debbie are a God send during a difficult time of transition and certainly eased our concerns about placing our aunt in AL. May God bless them and the entire staff in their continued efforts to make The Gardens at true home for those entrusted to their care. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – Randy & Ann J. 

“Thank you to the staff of The Gardens for caring for Dad. He could be hard to get along with at times but I know he cared about all of you a lot. He talked about you all the time.”  – Dennis R. Family