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Jan Runkle

Rita Schultze

Marge Rasche

  • JAN R.
  • RITA S.
  • MARGE R. 
  • LARRY R. 

Jan Runkle“This is a wonderful place. They are friendly and have good food. I came here not knowing anyone because I moved here from Kettering to be near my son. I got to know people right away.  Staff and residents were all friendly to me. I love it here. ” – Jan R. 







Rita Schultze“They will help with anything I want. They call me Rita and I love that. Food is good. It is clean and friendly. ” – Rita S.

Marge Rasche“My home away from home. Food healthy and good.” – Marge R.

“I have been interested in The Gardens for a number of years. I knew that at some point my mother, Marjorie, may need to move into an assisted living facility; and The Gardens would be the answer to that need. She suffered a fall in late summer 2015 which convinced the family that Mom could no longer live independently.  We were fortunate to work with Gardens Director Debbie McElroy who enabled my mother to enter The Gardens as resident and elder.  Since entering The Gardens in September of 2015, we have come to believe that this facility was exactly what my mother needed at this stage of her life. The Gardens staff and its facilities and programs meet her every need. My mother is so very contented, feels safe and cared for. She is very happy to be a resident at The Gardens. My family has worked with the staff of The Gardens since she became a resident and we have been very pleased with how her day-to-day needs and requirements are being addressed. Personally, I feel a profound peace of mind that my mother is now in the good hands of The Gardens’ leadership and staff.” – Larry R.